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About Us


The Improve Performance Group is a energetic, dynamic group of health professionals that pride themselves on providing an exceptional level of service and commitment to each individual client. Our vision is to help people reach optimal health and performance so they can live their best life possible. We do this by using an integrated rehab and performance model that will get you feeling fit, healthy and performing at your best.  We believe to truly live a healthy lifestyle and perform at your best you need a clear but strong mind, a body that moves well and a balanced and sustainable diet. We are committed to making you feel and move better, which will help you find a better you.


Nick Hunter is the founder of the Improve Performance Group. Nick is a practicing Physiotherapist and after several years working in a private practice setting, Nick observed a countless number of people neglecting their bodies both physically and mentally. He also noticed that people were often coming in for a short term fix, which did not ensure the problem would go away. As a result, he saw the need for change. He began discussions with Accredited Practicing Dietician, Emily Hartleywho felt exactly the same. Together, they wanted to create a space where people would come and truly feel like they were getting the best advice and treatment possible. Also, a space where people worked together to have long lasting effects, where both the client and practitioner feel comfortable working together to achieve patient-focused goal/s and lastly, a space that is fun, relaxed and enjoyable.